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Below are the items that we have available for immediate sale and delivery. In each case, the approximate quantity we have is listed. If someone else has already ordered some or all and we haven't had a chance to update this page, then we may have less.


We will give you a special discount if you take all remaining stock of a particular item.

These items are located in West Los Angeles, CA 90064. We can ship them to you by FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, US mail, on our accounts, or on any accounts of yours. You are also free to pick them up to avoid shipping charges. In all cases, payment must be made and cleared before the items are released.

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Thanks for your interest!  We want to see these odds and ends find good homes!!!

a. (120 available) 4-position molex connector with 7'' wires (one for each of the 4 connection points)
$0.40 ea or all 120 for $25.00!

b . (215 available) male and female 4-position molex connectors with on/off side switch and metal computer tower slot bracket.
$0.60 each or all 215 for $65.00.... it's worth it just for the switch!

c. (10) Black plastic instrument case w/ foam insert. (inside space is 14'' x 9.5'' x 4'')
$6.00 ea. or all 10 for $30.00

d. (240) 12 VDC brushless motor fan 3 1/8in sq.
$1.00 ea or all 240 for $120.

e. Strip of 4 rubber adhesive feet 320 pieces
$0.20 per strip of 4 or all 320 strips for $32.00!

f. (43 style 1, 36 style 2, 17 style 17, 181 style 4) 12V car adaptor plug with 6 ft. 18ga cord and special connector (male)

Prices for any style:
$1.50 ea, 10@ $10.00  100@ $75  or all 300 for $125.00!  (worth it just for the wire!)

g. (112 style one, 204 style two): special connector (female) with wires [compatible with car adapters in item f]
$0.50 ea

h. (99 grey, 25 black) special connector (female) with spade terminals, [compatible with car adapters in item f]
$0.30 ea

i. (105 switching-type power supplies: Output adjustable from 8-10 volts DC at 6 amps in protective enclosure. 15 are for USA 115VAC input, 90 are for UK 240 VAC input. These are not regulated w/ respect to input, so if you use the UK power supplies with 115VAC input, the output is about 5 VDC instead of 10 VDC, still at 6 amps. So these are very useful power supplies even in the USA. Most have output wires already attached. 8 euro no wires, 81 euro w/wires, 15 USA no wires

$6.00 ea, all 105 pieces for $200!!!!!

Misc. Computer Cables (one each)

j. Heavy Duty DB25 connector cord with right-angle connector approx 50 ft

k. DB25 connector cord approx. 50ft

l. DB25 connector cable approx. 8ft

m. DB25 connector cable approx.50ft
$17.00 ea

n. DB25 25pin to 37pin adapter 2ft cable

o. 8pin cable approx. 5ft.